❓How much do they weigh?

We don’t weigh the bales and we don’t believe you can compare bales by weight anyway as the DM content varies. Our haylage is exceptionally dry – we aren’t charging you for water! Our bales are packed full of forage.

❓How many hay nets per bale?

We don’t want to mislead you, so we can’t say how many hay nets in a bale because we don’t know how big your hay net is or how much you put in them.

❓Where are you?

Tealing by Dundee, Scotland.

❓Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver full loads of 80 bales, and we also have stockists available throughout Scotland. Minimum order for local delivery is 15 bales in all DD and PH13-14 postcodes.  Out with these areas please contact us to arrange.

❓Do you have square bales?


❓Do you have large round bales?

Not this year (unless you’ve already pre-booked them).


Russells Country Stores in Larbert and Falkirk.

Drum Feeds in Lothians.

Howe Feed Store in Fife.

Davidson’s Farm and Country in Blairgowrie.

Kidd Vets and Pets in Forfar.

Left is a well know brand of bagged forage, right is a Reid’s Feeds bale.
Left is a Reid’s Feeds bale, right is a well known brand of bagged forage.